My Monthly Top Ten

My Monthly Top Ten

Television – Radio – Music – Social Media – Travel – Photography – Food – Books – Poetry – Celebrity.

Every month beginning May 2017 I will publish an article on the categories above who for me has hit the spot.

Television – Who and what has got me gripped. UK/USA

Radio Station – I listen to many and always have a favourite from one month to another.

Best Song/Artist –  Who has got me shaking my tush! Giving me that ‘I want to get up and dance feeling’

Social Media – Performance & Advertising, Who is posting the most interesting.

Travel – We all love to travel!  Places that are the most captivating and why.

Photography – Who is taking the best shots

Delicious food/chef of the month, who is promoting what? Which foods have got my taste buds going.

Top book and the author.

Poem read and what I took from it.

Celebrity of the month e,g Promoting their business and best practices.

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