Police told BBC ‘Sir Cliff story is all your’s, court papers claim

sir-cliff-richard Photo Credit: The Telegraph

South Yorkshire Police handed the BBC the exclusive story of Sir Cliff Richard’s sex abuse investigation telling them it’s “all yours”, it has been claimed in new court documents.

I can’t help but feel the pain that Sir Cliff has suffered by this whole sorry mess, and that’s exactly what this is.

He has indeed been humiliated and had his reputation stripped from him right in front of millions when they raided his home in full view.

How dare they! What gave them the right? I completely understand why he is suing them and quite rightly so, to accuse someone of such horrific crimes without one hundred percent proof is bad enough but to do so and name that person is so wrong.

Mud sticks and although Sir Cliff is innocent of all allegations sadly the facts surrounding the allegations and how he was publicly treated will forever be etched in people’s minds.

Read the full story here


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