Piers Morgan A Man I Would Love To Hate


Photo Credit: likesuccess.com

Oh Piers, You sure know how to drop yourself in it, knee-deep!

(Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan has come under fire for criticising David and Victoria Beckham’s 11-year-old son Cruz for releasing a music record for charity)

Read the full story here

I happen to really like Piers Morgan but you know that saying “A man I would love to hate”  sometimes he drops a clanger and I think ‘Really’ and yes we have all dropped them but when you’re in the public eye you really need to think about what your about to say.

I do admire Piers because he does say it as it is and what we are all thinking but afraid to say, he is pretty much spot on but he does have to be careful because sometimes he comes across as having a careless attitude.

He does love all the attention and I do think that on occasion he will say things just to stir things up and get a reaction. It works!

I’m guilty of loving the banter between him and Sir Alan Sugar (I think they love each other really) 😉 You need to read some of their tweets to know what I’m talking about they have me, Lol

P.S Just for the record I don’t hate Piers he is in fact one of the best Celebrity Interviewers I have come across.


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