Pride and Prejudice


Starring – Joannah Tincey & Nick Underwood

21 characters, 2 actors and 1 of the most romantic stories of all time…

A sparkling interpretation of one of the most loved stories of all time, this is a must for Austen fans and those looking for a thrilling new piece of theatre. Fun, fast and – most importantly – romantic, this chance to catch the whole world of Austen brought to life by just two actors is not to be missed.

I’m extremely late in posting my article on this event, shame on me but I have been up to my eyes this last two weeks.

However I have to say, this was one of the most enjoyable performances considering it was played by just two actors and very talented actors they are.

To have the ability to switch roles in the manner in which they were capable of doing takes real skill, love and confidence in the roles in which they portrayed.

I would most certainly recommend that you go see this play, I love period drama’s and this theatrical performance most definitely done Pride and Prejudice justice.

The timing and quickness of the various roles were switched in such a professional fashion that could only be done by professionally, dedicated actors.

Well done Joannah Tincey & Nick Underwood

This performance runs until Friday 25th November click on the link for your nearest theatre.

Click Here





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