Another (Bullying) Story


Again another story on This Morning (ITV) About the effects of Bullying’ and yet again it had me in tears.

How many times do we have to hear of the sadness, pain & often tragic circumstances that surround this horrifying situation that many people around the world are facing on a daily basis?

I mean really! when will it all STOP? So many lives have been lost and so many still facing the everyday struggle that comes with being bullied and here is a classic example.

Listen to Rebecca’s Story

Watch Here Credit to This Morning ITV.

When a child or anyone for that matter approaches a parent and say’s those dreadful words ‘I want to kill myself or It would be better if I wasn’t around no more’ Has to be the most heartbreaking words ever.

This child is for sure only one of hundred’s possibly thousands of children who suffer Isolation, Panic Attacks & Fear. Who is Terrified and feeling Alone due to being bullied yet we hear school’s say they have ZERO TOLERANCE towards bullying…

Not so I’m afraid, and quite frankly I’m fed up hearing it. When a child is being bullied ‘IN SCHOOL’ Then it IS the school’s responsibility to take action and by action I don’t mean sending the bully to a Green room to calm down and read a book, which I know for sure does indeed happen in some school’s.

They MUST take a stand and get to the root of the problem, they need to question why? Why is this child behaving in this manner, is there a problem at home, are they themselves being bullied? but to name a few.

If that mean’s involving a child psychologist then so be it, they need to make time and have the funding and resources to help resolve these problems.

Unfortunately because there is nothing being done there is a risk that the individual who is doing the bullying may go on to bigger and more serious issue’s.

It’s not just the bullies that need help either, the psychological effects on the victim’s are serious too and this in turn effect’s their ability to get on in life in many areas, not to mention the fact that the parent’s need to stand up and do their bit.

There are organisations out there if you look hard enough, yes they are few and far between but they are there not just for the person being bullied but for the one doing the bullying also.

I urge, in fact I will even beg if I have to that Schools, Parent’s and the Law stand up and sort this problem out it has already gone way too far. It’s time to education your children.

I can’t say it enough education begins at HOME Please give your child a good start in life and teach them No Bullying, No Racism, No Hate.

I have written a poem which is included in my book of poetry  Tears On My Pillow by Belinda Conniss  I wrote this poem in my mind what I feel goes through a child’s head when they are being bullied, ending it with what I have taught my own children to remember when they ask themself’s why one individual would bully another.

My own children are fortunate that they haven’t been bullied but they have stood up to the  bullies who continue to bully other’s.

Do Not Bully Me

They say ignore the bullies they’re only jealous of you,
How do they know that when work is all they do?

Tears roll down my face when I’m alone at night,
Don’t they realise I try with all my might?

They call me names, they say I’m to blame,
I can’t help how I look, I’m not looking for fame.

They bully me when I’m in school,
They know they’re breaking the rules.

I can’t take it anymore what should I do?
I could end it all because of you.

But then a thought comes to mind,
They have a broken home, how could I be so blind.

Just maybe, maybe they’re alone,
Someone to talk to in their own zone.

Understanding is all they need,
A friend like me, a friend indeed.

My poem is only a short adaption of what really goes on in the head of a child who is being bullied, there is so much more and as parent’s it’s our duty to not just protect our children but to teach them right from wrong.

For further help and assistance it may be a good idea to visit Anti-Bullying Pro on Twitter

Or visit the: Website

I know I can’t solve all the problems regarding bullying but I sure wish I could! Belinda


After checking a couple of Websites I came across ‘Youth Action Project’ now this one is local to my own area, but realised that there will obviously be similar or the same type of groups available elsewhere. Click the link and have a look, this may be helpful to some but will guide you as to what you should be looking for in terms of Youth Projects you can enroll your children in or even yourself they are always looking for volunteers.

West Lothian Youth Action Project

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