The Author:

Hi, I’m Belinda Conniss an author and novelist who has published two autobiographical books and three book of poetry.

My first fiction title ‘The Empty Swing’ Is the first of many short stories. I regularly blog about celebrities, events, food, travel and much more.

In my spare time, I enjoy theatre, write articles on many subjects, promote many individuals and enjoy photography.

My books can be purchased by clicking the links Below, available both in Kindle & Print.


Sad, Lonely & A Long Way From Home

Secrets & Lies

Tears On My Pillow

The Empty Swing

Where Water Flows & Grass Grows (Cover 1)

Where Water Flows & Grass Grows (Cover 2)

Through My Eyes

Coming in 2018 ‘Dear Diary’

Living in Los Angeles wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, in fact I would say it was pretty dire most of the time.

Being married to Hollywood’s biggest actor and highest paid earner did give me the finer things in life, but what it didn’t give me was what most women desired, love.

Sure a lot of woman wanted the expensive clothes, the beautiful homes, the smart cars and all that came with the Hollywood way of life but most were pretty darn miserable.

My life was no different. The only solitude I would get was disappearing to the Hollywood hills to write in my diary about what a miserable existence I had.

Keeping my husband’s secrets had proven to be my downfall, and Hollywood’s biggest scandal, if it came to light, would bring Hollywood, and many of its income providers, to their knees.

There was a price to pay for living such a lavish lifestyle, and boy did I pay that price! Even my parents came to have a love/hate relationship with me, but who could blame them?

If my father hadn’t been a lawyer they would have lost everything. However, they did lose me to a web of lies and deceit, the very thing they taught me never to get caught up in.

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