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Author – Freelance Writer – Editor of PERUSE Magazine – Advocate 

 cropped-b-conniss.jpg The Author

Hi!  I’m Belinda Conniss an author and novelist who has published two autobiographical books as well as some books in poetry.

My forcoming book ‘Behind Closed Doors’ The Baby Brokers and is due for publication in 2020.

My first fiction title ‘The Empty Swing’ Is the first of many short stories. I regularly blog about celebrities, events, food, travel and much more.

I am also the editor of PERUSE Magazine, a magazine that can be downloaded via Laptop, iPad, Tablet and Mobile phones.

In my spare time, I enjoy theatre, write articles on many subjects, promote many individuals and enjoy photography.

My books can be purchased by clicking the links Below, available both in Kindle & Print, from Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com Barnes & Noble


Tears On My Pillow

Where Water Flows & Grass Grows 

Through My Eyes

The Empty Swing


Future Publication: Behind Closed Doors (The Baby Brokers) | Life After Lily | Meet Me After Dark | House of Darci-Lee | Single Red Rose | Cotton Fields Back Home | Down On The Farm (Photography)

You can find me by clicking the links below.



PERUSE Magazine


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