Visit Morayshire

Buckie Shipyard, Morayshire

My visit to Morayshire took me to Buckie shipyard once a thriving part of the community

The shipyard built, converted, refitted and repaired ferries, tugs, work boats, yachts, pilot boats, MOD vessels, small cruise vessels, diving vessels, lifeboats, fishing boats and fish farm cages.

They slipped vessels up to 850 tonnes in displacement and 70 metres in length. A new 1,600 sq. metres refit facility opened in 2003, including a state of the art temperature and humidity controlled paint spray booth.

Capable of taking vessels up to 21m in length, 6m in beam and up to 50 tonnes. A 50 ton hydraulic slipway hoist transported vessels directly from the inner basin at Buckie Harbour into the refit hall.

It was announced on the 23 August 2013 that the Buckie Shipbuilders had gone into administration with 68 of the 74 staff being made redundant immediately.

The shipyard in Buckie dates back to 1903 with the crane being an integral part of the workings for decades.

‘It has to come down from a health and safety standpoint more than anything else’  According to Buckie, press and journal.

The sad thing about my visit here, it is plain to see that it may have been a case of ‘Down tools and go’ 

I wonder what happened to the worker’s? I will be uploading the photos I took on Tumblr in due course.

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