Can You Hear Me Now


‘Can You Hear Me Now’ by Angela McCrimmon

Angela McCrimmon – Nominated for Health Champion Hero Award 2016

The thoughts and feelings I should have felt safe enough to entrust in the hands of a Professional are now finding their way from the entrapment of my head to the healing I am finding in my writing. Revealing that although I’ve battled Self-Harm on the outside, the real harm was often done by Mental Health Professionals themselves.

It’s been a roller-coaster ride writing this book but definitely one I had to ride to get to the other side. Determined to finally stand up for myself and to encourage others to stand alongside me.

Often dismissed, ignored, and scared into silence...
Can you hear me now?

Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival 10th Year 10-31 October 2016

Tonight was an evening of new writing as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. Compered by Dennis O’Donnell.

New and established writers from across West Lothian came together to hear Angela McCrimmon reading from her new book ‘Can You Hear Me Now’ and talk about her experiences within the Mental Health Sector.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one to say what a pleasure it was to hear Angela talk of her experiences and how she has worked hard to overcome some of what I would call the Frustrations; of not being heard, knowing that you need help and it falling pretty much on deaf ears.

I have to say I am very proud of Angela, hearing what she went through from her teenage years and to see and hear her now you would never have guessed what she went through.

But that’s just it we can all look fine on the outside to others, but they will never know what or how we feel on the inside.

Angela doesn’t hold back she tells it as it is and at times I felt I wanted to cry, what stopped me? Seeing just how far she has come and what a very intelligent lady she is.

She talks of the Self Harm, the frustration of not being heard knowing that she needed help and how the medical profession basically just through her some pills. Sadly I have seen this so many times and yes we can all blame the medical team e.g Doctors Nurses they do indeed have to take some of the blame but then so do the Government.

Lack of resources resulting in not enough medical staff to deal with such issues is a big problem and needs to be addressed, and it needs to be addressed quickly.

So what can we do?

By promoting mental health and awareness, education being one of the main objectives.

By enhancing factors that are known to help protect people.

Addressing mental health and mental illness as everyday issues and support people in their journey of recovery. 

You can read more and look out for future events with Angela on her Website Angela McCrimmon and if you would like to purchase her book click the link below. I highly recommend that you go to one of her events I personally found it Educational, Uplifting and Relaxed.

Take along Family & Friends because we all need to understand Mental Health issues and there are many sorts of mental health. This will help those who feel afraid of the unknown to understand and perhaps do something to help the cause.

‘Can You Hear Me Now’



Another book I highly recommend is ‘The Locked Ward’ by Dennis O’Donnell who also gave an insight into some of his own experiences in his own words from his days working in Mental Health.

‘The locked Ward’


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