Would You Go Looking For Your’s?


Another topic on GMB this morning discussing, What would you do if you had your iPad or phone stolen?

Most people if they are clever enough would have a tracking system on their phone’s to ‘Find My iPad’ and vice versa.

So one man has his iPad stolen from right under his nose, he tracks it on his phone and what does he do? He follows the link to his iPad’s location.

Would you do it? A lady has her handbag stolen from the boot of her car with her purse and  iPad or phone inside too, she calls the police and what do they do? They tell her to go get it herself.

Whatttttt!!! Seriously? So the very people who are supposed to protect us and help us have declined to do just that, why? Because there are no resources and not enough manpower to do it…

First I have to say my instinct would tell me to go get it myself, however on approach I would most probably not do it for fear that I don’t know exactly what I would be up against, unless I had someone to come with me I probably wouldn’t.

I was shocked though that the police didn’t take action at the same time I don’t blame them, I blame the Government because yet again there is no money to keep the Law employed and they are pulling back on almost everything you can imagine to save money.

Yes I’m going to say it again and again and again until someone or something changes, Stop funding arms and causing conflict and just maybe some of that money you are throwing them may just help where it is needed.

I promised myself I wouldn’t get angry again and that really is another subject, so back to the question.

Would you? What are your thought’s? I suppose pent-up anger would have you running to the location but we really do have to take a step back sometimes, Don’t put your life at risk for something that can so easily be replaced.

Stay safe folk’s



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