Saskia Eng (Singing Sensation)


Photo Credit: Twitter, Inc


This is how I remember Saskia when she won the final at the Festival Theatre Edinburgh she performance of Tina Turner’s classic River Deep, Mountain High.

I got the shock of my life when I heard that voice coming from  a 12-year-old girl, My jaw fell to the floor, her parents must be so very proud of her and such a beauty too with those long curls flowing from her hair.

Saskia also sings American Blues and soul singer Janis Joplin, who incidentally died a long time before Saskia was born.

Saskia made the final 200 of Britain’s Got Talent,  six months into her singing career and has had a recording, ‘You’re Not Really Gone’ dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook school massacre

She sing’s many Genre’s and boy is she good at it I have included @saskiaenfofficial Facebook link, go in and have a listen she has some Free MP3s in there including ‘Country Princess’ You really will be pleasantly surprised.

Below is Saskia’s own version of ‘Baker Street’ originally sung by Gerry Rafferty back in 1978, and I love it. 

Baker street – by 15-year-old Saskia

Baker Street






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