#Bullies Drove My Son To Death

Bullies Drove my Son To Death

I’ve just read the letter that was written by Lucy Alexander about her son Felix and I will tell you I had to wipe the tears from my eye’s before I could do this article.

I’ve heard all too often from Parent’s and Teacher’s ‘What are we meant to do? there is supposed to be zero tolerance in School’s and yes! Even the workplace where bullying is concerned.

My response is always the same ‘Teach your children from a young age the consequences of bullying and being bullied’

I’ve never been bullied nor have I bullied, but I have seen it happen many years ago when I was in school, I remember one time crying my eye’s out in the school toilet’s after hearing the abuse some children had given to another child.

I wanted to intervene but I was scared, Why? Because I didn’t want them to bully me; bearing in mind I was only eleven years old.

I have lived to regret that decision ever since and trust me when I tell you it still affects me to this day, hence why this letter made me cry.

I taught my own children as soon as they started primary school, and they have alway’s stood up to the bullies when they or other children have been on the receiving end of their acid tongue or heavy hand.

I wrote a poem which is included in ‘Tears On my pillow’ my book of poetry due to be published soon.

Do Not Bully Me

They say ignore the bullies they’re only jealous of you
How do they know that when work is all they do?

Tears roll down my face when I’m alone at night.
Don’t they realise I try with all my might.

They call me name’s they say I’m to blame
I can’t help how I look I’m not looking for fame.

They bully me when I’m in school
They know, they’re breaking the rule.

I can’t take it no more what should I do?
I could end it all because of you.

But then a thought comes to mind
They have a broken home how could I be so blind.

Just maybe, maybe they’re alone
Someone to talk to in their own zone.

Understanding is all they need
A friend like me a friend indeed.

(Written for those who may have or are suffering bullying) by Belinda Conniss

Click the link below to read the full letter and PLEASE Share…

Mum Lucy Alexander on her son Felix Credit to: ITV.This Morning

‘I appeal to teachers to look out for signs that children are struggling. Poor grades or poor behaviour may signal a child crying out for help.

Listen to parents who may report problems and monitor their social interactions.
Are they sitting alone at break time or lunchtime? Are they particularly quiet or are they perhaps too loud?
I do not expect teachers to be psychologists but they have a unique overview of children’s lives and they are able to recognise a difficulty early and help signpost towards help’

To Read Lucy’s Letter To Bullies, Parent’s & Teacher Click Here…

I want to finish up by saying this.

Too many life’s have been taken through suicide sadly bullying is one of the biggest reason’s that youngsters take their life.

We cannot and should not continue to ignore what is going on right under our noses, it is the duty not only of us parent’s but the teacher’s to highlight this subject on a regular basis.

Education Authorities should make this a priority both in junior and senior school’s all over the country/world as soon as children go into primary 1 and 1st year they need to have everything highlighted about the consequences of bullying and being bullied, we really need them to be aware that this is what can happen, and has happened.

We all have feeling’s and it’s my personal opinion that if this was highlighted on a regular basis then those feeling’s that even the hardest individual buries deep inside will come to the fore and just maybe touch that nerve.

Social media can be a bad place for those individuals who want to vent their nasty tongue, but it can be a good place too they can embrace it and do good. Let’s kick this off by asking everyone to follow the likes of Anti-Bullying Pro

Your children can also follow another wonderful cause which will give them something to focus on this is an amazing project and it can help them heaps. Diana Award

Teach your children about the world and the opportunities that are and can be open to them, it’s a big world out there and if they really want it they can have it, teacher’s are there to educate your children and yes that means real life skills too.

But we as parent’s need to build those foundations right from an early age trust me it works, my children are not perfect but they have listened when I have taught them not only about bullying but about the World, other Faith’s & Race.

‘We are all equal with our own uniqueness & qualities let’s get this thing nipped in the bud don’t keep burying your head in the sand’

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