Wolf Whistling

Photo Credit: Esquire.co.uk

What are your thoughts?

A topic on GMB this morning about ‘Wolf Whistling’ Got me thinking about my own experience back in the day.

Ye! Even I had been whistled at on a regular basis keeping in mind back then like many people I had the looks and my figure was to die for.

Joanna Lumley defends wolf whistling and say’s ‘People are offended by everything’ She said; How can wolf whistling be offensive to woman? it’s a compliment.

I have to agree with Joanna it is indeed a compliment and yes people do take things too seriously, back in the day the majority of woman enjoyed the attention not because we were looking for a pick up, but because we looked good, we knew we looked good and we wanted to show it off… and why not?

If you look back at Icon’s like Marylin Monroe but to name a few. The most GLAMEROUS naturally beautiful woman of the 70s and even today she is still very much talked about, and curves; a man loves curves no matter what anyone else tells you.

The majority of men didn’t wolf whistle just for the sake of it nor did they do it for malicious reason’s they did it because they saw beauty and they wanted you to know it, most of the time if you walked up to a fella after he whistled at you and asked him a question he would blush like a little shy boy.

The world has gone completely mad and the reason is all this political correctness, yes! I’ve said it and I’ll continue to say it.

You mustn’t whistle at a woman, you cannot say ‘Bah bah black sheep’ in a nursery rhyme you cannot touch someone even on the shoulder when talking to them for fear they will sue you for sexual harassment, the list goes on and on and on.

It’s a different generation we have jumped ahead forty years since I was in my teens and boy do I miss it.

And that’s the problem right there forty years ago a wolf whistle meant they were looking at someone beautiful nowadays’ it can mean something very much different and it’s political correctness that plays a part in the thought process of individuals and how they interpret the meaning.

Wolf whistling is lovely and always has been so carry on lad’s say I, I sure miss it; But I think I’m a little too old for them now I probably don’t look the bee’s knees like I did back then.  😉







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