Invasion of Privacy


True or False It’s still an invasion of privacy!

I stopped buying most magazines and newspapers around seven years ago; Why? Because I was sick of the constant invasion of privacy and very often false reporting of celebrities, singer’s actor’s and high-profile figures.

We all know that when you are in the public eye you will find yourself in many newspapers, magazines and television, It’s good yes; because its business, it’s what generates income, but when they dig into your private life and even go as far as to pay for any dirt that can be dug up that’s when enough should be enough.

It doesn’t matter who it is, everyone is entitled to a certain amount of privacy. It’s always bothered me how they have even made something up if they can’t find anything real  interesting to print.

Today I bought a well-known magazine only because a certain celebrity/actress was on the television a few day’s previous and stated that the news of her marriage breaking down was a complete lie.

So I thought right let’s just see what they have printed here in order to generate sales?

Then Low and behold up pop’s another story regarding David & Victoria Beckham, my first thought when I read the headlines? Rebecca Loos is at it again, happily married with her own children yet she has to stick the boot in again; Is she short of cash or something?

However whether true or not, the media just can’t let it lie either, delving in into the private life’s of celebs. Have they been responsible for the breakup of individual’s marriages because they have gone too far? I think so.

A lot of the time reporting on the negative and they just can’t help themself’s they have got to dig and dig until they can print the worst possible news to gain a reaction then sit back and watch the hype.

This has caused couple’s the end of a marriage and even their career, yet they get away with it. Just because people are in the public eye doesn’t mean they don’t have feeling’s and it most certainly doesn’t mean that you have to go reporting on every aspect of their life.

The Royal family are no exception they have had their fair share of bad press too, yes; we understand that there are some thing’s that have to be reported when it affect’s the public but affairs and such like should be dealt with by the individual’s involved and not for public knowledge.

So stop all this nonsense and let people be, they can sort out their own affairs without having to tell the world their business, I’m sure Victoria must be beside herself with all this popping up again, leave her be; She is a successful businesswoman with a husband and family she doesn’t poke her nose into anyone else’s business so why should you her’s.

My advice; Stop paying fame hungry individual’s for a story that cannot be proven to be true and more so that involves the personal private life of another, whether high-profile or not.

Stick to your fashion, food, travel, sales etc and report on the everyday subject’s that help people like health, finances and nice thing’s. Gossip; is a stong word and is exactly that Gossip (Negativity)  I’ve never liked that word anyway.







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