What I’m Up To Next

Book: ‘Secret’s & Lies’ | Short Film | Travel | Blogging | Vlogging | Photography | What’s Coming Up In 2017.

Well, It’s not far away ‘Secret’s & Lies’ the sequel to ‘Sad, Lonely & A Long Way From Home’  Both (Non-Fiction) Will be released end of October beginning of November. I will keep you all posted.

October – I’m off up the north of Scotland for a few day’s more Vlogging and more Photography.

December – My short film which is a combination of photographs and me discussing my trip to Auschwitz & Burkenau will be available to view on my YouTube Channel. Belinda Conniss – insideoutlastyle.

Feb 2017 – Im off to California again, lot’s of Vlogging, Photography and some Filming I’m really excited about going back, I will be visiting my usual haunts and there may even be a little surprise coming too so keep up, I will keep you all posted.

San Diego, Oceanside | Los Angeles | Beverly Hills/Hollywood, SUR, PUMP, and of course Roosevelt Hotel | Santa Monica/Finn McCools | Las Vegas | 

Summer 2017‘The Empty Swing’ (Fiction) & ‘Tear’s on My Pillow’ (Poetry) due to be published. I’m very excited about ‘The Empty Swing’ There is a real twist to this story, I will be posting extracts around the start of the year and of course I will keep updating you all on what’s happening.

See the Introduction to ‘The Empty Swing’ in the drop down box of my categories.

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