Why Krakow…

Krakow,  A City whose name derives from its legendary ruler Krak, is one of the oldest, largest and most beautiful urban centres in Poland.

Rich in history, the most amazing architecture, wonderful relaxed atmosphere and all round home from home.

That’s exactly the reason I will return again and again, five day’s of bliss the sun was shining the whole time, the people were extremely friendly and the history was just captivating.

You cannot help but stop in your tracks when you see the those stunning building’s which I can only describe as a work of art, hard-working hands sure went into those all them year’s ago.

I stayed at Hotel Rezydent, in the Old Town for me this is by far the best place to be as everything was more or less on the doorstep.

There is so much to see and do and if I’m honest those five days were definitely not enough, I should have stayed at least ten day’s to see all that I wanted to see.

Photo 1: Wieliczka Salt Mines, Magnificent chapels, religious sculptures carved in salt, unique views. Beautiful chambers, galleries and passageways absolutely not to be missed I loved this visit, the chapels simply took my breath away.

Photo 2: St. Mary’s Basilica (Mariacki Church) Beautiful by day, stunning by night.

Photo 3: The Cloth Hall, One of the most characteristic and emblematic monuments in Krakow.  Main Market Square is the heart, not only of the old town but of the entire city, it is the scene of many events which include concerts, festivals, trade fairs and exhibitions.

You will also find many restaurant’s pub’s and cafe’s and the atmosphere is one of pure relaxation, just sit back enjoy a meal and or drink and watch the world go by.

Photo 4: St Albert’s Church, a very small church but considered one of the oldest places of worship in Krakow also situated in main square near Grodzka Street which is where I stayed.

Photo 5: The Water Feature, Can you believe I didn’t even know it was there until a stroll in the evening, light’s on and Wow, this was just so beautiful.

The photo’s I took (See Above) are just to give you a hint of what is available, There will be so much more to see come December on my YouTube channel, which will include captions and info that is sure to have you checking out the next flight over.

As well as my visit to the Salt Mines, I also visited Wawel, With all its beauty I could have stayed there the entire day. Wawel is a symbol of all that is Polish, inextricably linked with the history of the Polish nation. It is one of the most precious historic architectural complexes in the world.

It boasts some of the most amazing buildings which include; The Royal Castle that sits on a limestone hill looking over the old town which sits 25 metres above the Vistula River.

I could go on and on, but I think to truly experience all that Krakow has to offer you definitely need to visit. I highly recommend you do.

The two places I haven’t included is Auschwitz and Burkenau, simply because it will be available to watch on my YouTube Channel as a short film in which I will talk about my visit and there will be a slide show of photo’s that were taken.

However, as sad and disturbing as it was I’m glad that I went and I do plan on going back to Krakow once a year out with my other visits specifically to visit Burkenau.

I will say this though; Discrimination, Violence, Experimentation, Rapes, Extermination, Gas, Slave Labour. That’s just a few descriptions of the most Evil, Horrific, disgusting & Cruel act’s that took place in Auschwitz and Burkenau.

We must keep this part of history alive for generations to come, we must never let this kind of hate and evil ever happen again and most of all WE MUST remember all who suffered, and  who were killed during those dark cold day’s.

If you would like to visit Krakow I will include a link which will take you to Easyjet website I used them to book my trip and I was extremely happy with the price which also included my hotel and breakfast.

Easyjet Flights & Hotels

If you would like to watch the short film follow me on twitter for updates on the link below.

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