Sad, Lonely & A Long Way From Home

Extract From Chapter 17

She’s Pregnant

I wasn’t long out of bed after my night shift when the phone rang, I asked my brother to answer it as I was in the middle of making a cup of tea. A second later, he said, “Belinda, it’s for you.”
I asked who it was and he covered the phone and said, “I think it’s Peter.” I wondered why he would be calling me after our last meeting a couple of months earlier; my heart was beating fast I wasn’t sure if maybe, he was calling to ask me to come back. I was still brokenhearted that we were no longer together and I did miss him, even though he done the unthinkable.
“Hello,” I said, pretending not to know who it was.
“Belinda…” then there was a pause for a long time. “There is something I think you need to know.” Right then I knew what was coming next.

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