Sad, Lonely & A Long Way From Home

Extract From Chapter 3

He Looked at Me with a Warm Smile

“Why,” I asked, “is he gay?” At that, Claire let out such a loud laugh that the whole pub turned around and wondered what was going on.
“No,” she said, “he’s not gay, he is just choosy about who he dates. I have seen him with a couple of stunners in my time but none that have lasted very long. I’m afraid it takes a special kind of gal to keep Barry from straying.”
“Ah, so he’s one of those ladies’ men, oh well, I know not to go there then, ‘cause I too, am choosy about who gets to date me and it ain’t no ladies’ man, or ugly man, that’s for sure,” I said, making sure that Paulo heard every word in the hope that he would’t even try.

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