King Of Clubs #Review


King of the Clubs’  Sex, Drugs & Thugs Terry Turbo – One Nation, The Scene Magazine, Garage Nation

Being a lover of a good book I thought I had read some real good stories, but none come close to Terry’s book.
Terry was born in Kingston-Upon-Thames,  Surrey on 13th January 1971.  He left School without qualifications,  his first job was in the fast food world of McDonald’s.
Terry soon discovered he was destined for bigger and better things, through hard graft and determination he is where he is today.
Now an Actor & Producer and currently working on his next book ‘McDonald’s to Hollywood’
‘King of the Clubs’ Is Terry’s story which takes us through his day’s back in the Rave Era. He talks about the Up’s Down’s High’s Low’s and everything in between.
What I liked about his story is his honesty about what it was really like, he tells it exactly as it was,  nothing held back.  He has made mistakes and he talks about them, it certainly opens your eye’s about the myths out there about Ravers.
It definitely wasn’t all bad,  well certainly not as bad as some folk made it out to be,
I would recommend you get your hands on a copy you won’t be disappointed I wasn’t.

Terry talks about everything you ever really wanted to know or thought you knew, I loved the humour in the book too.
One story that had me laughing my A.. Off was about his friend Jon Jon the narcoleptic, that was hilarious.  There is more but I’m not going to spoil it by telling you.
One last thing Terry tells the story so well that I actually envisaged it as if I were there and watching it take place.  Now that’s when you know your reading a good book.
(If you look hard enough when reading the story you’ll learn a thing to two about Entrepreneurial Skills)
For those who may not have heard of Terry I would recommend the Movie ‘Rise of the footsoldiers’ and ‘Rolling with the Nine’s’
Other books by Terry Stone: Cage Fighter and The Krays – The Geordie Connection.
You can buy your copy of ‘King of Clubs’ Sex, Drugs and Thugs the One Nation Story on Amazon.

Happy Reading  (Let me know what you thought of the book)

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