What’s Coming Up

What's Coming Up

What’s Coming Up


July – This week I’ll be off to Blackpool staying at the Royal Carlton Hotel So keep watching for my article and reviews on everything from the Hotel, Travel, Trams, Attractions, and of course Food.

August – I’m off on my travel’s again and will be filming a short documentary it is oversea’s but I have to keep the location secret for now. The short documentary will be available to view come the end of the year, this is a pilot and all being well there will be more filming next year.

Aug/Sept – My book, ‘Secret’s & Lies’ the sequel to ‘Sad, Lonely & A Long Way From Home’ will be published.

September – I’m off to the theatre again, this time to watch ‘RENT’ The story of one year in the lives of a group of impoverished young artists struggling to survive and establish themselves against the backdrop of the gritty bohemian world of New York City in the late 1980s.

Their dreams, losses and connections with each other weave through the musical’s narrative to paint a raw and emotional portrait of life under the shadow of HIV/AIDS.
Opening on Broadway in 1996, RENT is the 11th longest-running show in Broadway history. With music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson, RENT transcends its time with its universal ideas on hope and love. The Tony Award winning score continues to captivate generations and has merited its status as a landmark in contemporary Musical Theatre.

December – Yes… it’s Panto time again,  last year at the Webster’s Theatre Glasgow ‘A Belter Of A Cinderella Story’  Was amazing, as I knew it would be. Scroll through the menu for the article.

An all Singing, all Dancing Wickedly Wonderful Family Panto with a modern twist on the classic tale.

Insideout Productions in association with Webster’s Theatre – By Paul Harper-Swan

This year its ‘Snow White and The Seven Muppet’s’  I’m looking forward to this too and the meal at the theatre beforehand. I would definitely book your ticket while there are still seats left as they are selling fast

January 2017 –  That time again, the NTA’s (National Television Awards) Have you placed your vote’s? There’s still time and there is also some ticket’s left if you fancy a night out with an amazing atmosphere.

April/May – All being well back to Donegal, Ireland I can’t say too much about this event right now until it has been confirmed.

June/July – Publication of my third book ‘The Empty Swing’  (Fiction) 1972 Elizabeth McDaid travel’s to Calabasas, California to cover a story about the Pumpkin Festival, while there she returns to her old home in Simi Valley to see if she can remember what it was like before she left at the age of ten.

Thing’s start to unravel which explains why her parents didn’t want her to leave London to go back there, with a deep family secret uncovered will her life ever be the same? (Thriller/Romance)

Publication of my Poetry ‘Tears On my Pillow’ (My Thought’s Through Poetry) Although the title may change prior to publication.

It’s a compilation of emotions and feelings through the year’s some of my own personal experiences, and others that individuals may be able to identify with. With of course some humourous poem’s.

There may be event’s in between and after for which I will update here and repost as and when they become available.








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