You Never Said Goodbye


You Never Said Goodbye

Like most people who has suffered pain in their lives, made bad decisions and mistakes, John McArdle like myself decided to write his book.

Although this is no ordinary book, why? because this is the first time ever that I have read an autobiography and trust me I have read many, that I thought I was reading a letter and an extremely well written letter it is.

I could actually visualise John sat at the table writing it, not only that I actually could visualise the people and situations. Now when you read a book and it can do that then you know your reading a good one.

I’ve been a fan of John since first watching him act in Brookside many year’s ago (Giving away my age now) I was hooked from the very first episode.

There were moment’s when reading John’s story I felt quite emotional especially about his Dad, but there was also moment’s I had a smile on my face and a good giggle (John Wayne Story) I’m not saying anymore you must read the book to know what I’m talking about.

I will say though when you read that part of the story you will identify with it, and it will take you back to some of your own childhood memories, it did for me.

I also felt so relieved when he opened his letter form the Ggovernment, again you need to read the book cause my lip’s are well and truly sealed.

I’m not going to say too much of what is in the book because I don’t want to spoil it, however I have to say this.

I have agreat admiration for John, not only for his roll’s both On-Screen and in Theatre and trust me he gives it his all in everything he does, but for him as an individual.

He has been on a rollercoaster, had high’s and low’s in his life I admire him most because he has been honest and that takes a lot when you decide to tell the world your story. (There are some real nice photo’s in the book too)

About The Book

One morning, sixteen-year-old John McArdle’s father went to work and never came back. Struck down prematurely by a fatal heart attack, the forty-eight-year-old professional soldier left behind a wife and five children to grieve his death.

Now, more than five decades later, award-winning actor John McArdle writes a tender and moving letter to his father that provides an intimate portrait of the impact of his father’s death, how he tried to cope, and how he turned his wild adventures abroad into a successful acting career.

A teenager in Liverpool during the “swinging sixties,” McArdle turned to drugs and alcohol to numb his sadness and provide the illusion that he was experiencing life. As a child, his family had followed his father around the world, so young McArdle decided to go abroad once more and immigrate to Australia.

While in Oz, McArdle worked in the bush, went to a remote island to dodge the draft, and spent time in a New Zealand prison for stowing away on a ship. After five years, he decided to return to England—this time with a wife and baby in tow—and finally fulfill his dream of becoming a professional actor…

Click The Link Below For Your Copy…

You Never Said Goodbye

Highly Recommended Read.


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