Racism Destroyed In One Minute


Show Racism The Red Card


Show Racism The Red Card

Why? I ask myself every day, why does this continue to go on? I wrote an article on this subject before voicing my concerns on the issue of Racism, sectarianism and all the other Bigotry that we face today.

It’s not to late to change nor is it too late to educate… Education being the one thing that will change it all.

I watched this video called ‘Racism Destroyed In One Minute’ Everything that this Lady talks about is spot on.

She say’s that we hate because we are taught to hate and she is right, we as adult’s should be teaching the younger generation NOT TO HATE. Teach them that we are all equal, no matter what Race or Religion we are.

I’ve taught my children from a very young age not to hate other’s and to except that we all have our own unique qualities, we all individually have our own faith etc.

Why is there so much hate in the world for each other? We need to change the thought’s and attitudes of some people in the world today, and we can start by teaching our children at the earliest opportunity.

Let’s start today put aside the way you were tought as a youngster, your parent’s and those before them may not have known any better, but you do so let’s do this.


Click Link Below To Watch The Video.

Racism Destroyed In One Minute

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