It’s All Happening

What’s happening now…


Just come back from a short holiday and now its back to business, well for a few day’s before I’m away again.

Its been a very busy time this last few week’s what with seeing my middle daughter off on her travel’s to California for six week’s Yep! Six whole weeks and boy I’m missing her very much.

So I’m here now trying to push ahead with finishing my second book ‘Secret’s & Lies’ The ‘sequel’ to ‘Sad Lonely & A Long Way From Home’ Due for release around Aug/Sep. Not to mention the books I’m reading at present and still to review.

I’m away again for another short break then I will have a month to finish everything off before traveling again, this time to do a little filming of a short documentary that will be available to watch around the end of the year.

Sorry location has to remain secret for now 😉

However there is many things to look forward to in 2017, There will be the release of my third book (Fiction) ‘The Empty Swing’ and my book of Poetry (All will be revealed soon)

I hope you are all enjoying your summer holiday’s wherever you are or plan to travel. Stay Safe and have fun. 💋


You Can Follow Me On Twitter Here and also @BelindaConniss You will also find me on Istagram: insideoutlastyle





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