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Let’s Imagine just for a moment, actually no let’s imagine for a whole day that there was peace around the world.

No Racism, No Sectarianism, No Violence, No Hate of any sort. Can you do that just for one day, sit and reflect how the world would be if those thing’s did not exist?

World peace or peace on Earth is an ideal state of Freedom, Peace, Love and Happiness among and within ALL NATIONS and People.

Imagine the younger generation and those to follow, growing up in a world full of Love, Peace & Happiness. 

Imagine the wealth that it would bring and I’m not talking money I’m talking Love, the knowledge of knowing that we are loved throughout the world no matter Colour or Faith. Two of the three issues that cause conflict around the world, the largest being GREED.

Our world is big enough for all, and we must embrace freedom of movement and freedom of speech, but we MUST eradicate the hatred of the three things that cause War & Conflict.

I’m sorry that I have to say this but this is my view and in my own words. I feel that Governments around the world are the biggest gangsters when it comes to conflict & war, yes I’ve said it, so jail me…

The Greed of the Government is the biggest problem we have and I feel that they load the Gun then sit back and let everyone else fire the bullet’s and the saddest thing of all is that we sit back and allow this to happen.

Land, Oil and all the other reserves that are needed to keep a Country afloat are being taken from right under our noses, which results in the poverty of many countries in the world today.

Imagine that perfect world, each Country control’s its own economy and the law must state that the Government cannot barter with another Country or trade without the promise that the people of the land will benefit.

Every country should cater for their own and what’s left can then be distributed to that of a poorer nation. (Help each other)

Billions of pounds are being given from our Country to fund Military Arm’s etc, sadly this is the biggest reason that we have people dying from starvation among other situations in the 21st Century.

Who is to blame for this? The government, when will it stop? Never as long as they continue to fund conflict & war.

You only have to look at the situation in Palestine and how they are being treated to see just how bad the situation has become. Families having their land taken from right under their nose to accommodate settler’s. (There is more than enough land in the world for everyone)

This should not and should never have been allowed, and our Government yet again has had a hand in this also.

The latest and sad situation in Dallas Texas,  (5 officers dead, 9 people injured in shooting at protest)

What on earth is going on? Yet again more Racist act’s that could so easily be avoided, What are the American Government doing to correct this madness? Their biggest problem here being Gun’s.

I don’t know the real facts surrounding this story because the media unfortunately only tell people what they think they want to hear but I do know this, there is no place in this world for this kind of hatred and it needs to stop.

The Gun laws in the US need to be reviewed on a large-scale, probably half the people carrying weapon’s have no need or right to do so and that is what needs sorted before more lives are taken.

Another thing I would like to change is Religion, sadly religion which is another factor of the troubles throughout the world today.

I don’t discriminate anyone no matter their Colour or Religion, and I think the world needs to wake up to the fact that we all individually have our own faith and beliefs, I personally would have the law of the land changed were religion is concerned.

No matter what your faith, it should be a private matter between each and every one of us regardless of where we come from or live. Go to church, practice your faith but DO NOT shove it in the face of those who’s belief’s differ from you.

e.g Christians should not be allowed to shout from the rooftops that other’s should follow them and it should be the same for Muslim’s Jewish and all other faith’s.

If we live or visit each other’s Countries then abide by the law of that Country, do not try to change their law to suit.

Religion being one of the biggest causes of hatred and conflict of the who own’s what and who is the richest faith etc.

While I’m on the subject of faith, were on earth is all the money going? Even the Christian faith has to answer to that one.

The Catholic church being one of the richest faith’s and yet they cannot or will not dig deep into their pocket’s to help poor countries survive, no instead they go around preaching that God will see then right.

Well, I’m sorry but as far as I’m concerned God has given us life and situations have been sent to try us, we have to learn and rectify those situations and trust me it’s most definitely not through hatred.


How does that make you feel?


Now how do you feel?

Let’s get this right and start now. Teach our children to love everyone, to help each other, to share everything, To have faith but to respect other’s faith, to acknowledge that we are all equal no matter our colour.

Education is food for the soul, teach them young encourage them to love but most of all to except that we all have something to give. Maybe then future generations can get this right and be the change that make’s this world a better place to live and be happy.


Belinda 😘








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