Best Airlines

British AirwaysAir New Zealand  

British Airway’s & Air New Zealand

I’ve flown to many countries with many different airlines, so it’s no surprise I get asked who my favourite airline are.

Well, for me it has to be British Airway’s and Air New Zealand. There are many factor’s to take into account here, one of which being comfort I mean how many times have you flown and thought dear Lord these seats are so uncomfortable? Especially if you’re flying long haul.

I worked in the travel industry years ago and the one thing I alway’s advised my client’s to do was book with an airline that offer’s them comfort when they fly long haul.

I have to name both these airlines because they both offer the exact same things that I require when flying.

Comfort first and foremost, very polite and efficient hostess’s who I have to add cannot do enough when it comes to quality of service, and last but not least great food.

How many of us have flown and thought “Well I’ve tasted better”  I know I have, but in saying that I do like plane food and yes some haven’t always been top-notch but British Airway’s and Air New Zealand do for me every time. 10/10 on every level of service.

Well done guy’s

Belinda ✈️👌



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