Father’s Day – My Father’s Eye’s

Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day Again,
My Thoughts Turn To You,
Wishing You Were Here With Me,
But Then, What Could I do.

They Didn’t Tell Me That You Existed,
Until It Was Too Late,
Now Every Father’s Day,
My Heart Will Always Ache.

I Have Your Picture In My Hand,
Trying To Imagine,
The Life We Could Have Had,
If They, Had Taken Action.

They Say That The Eyes,
Are The Windows To The Soul,
If You Could Look Inside Mine Now,
My Heart You Could Console.

So With Heavy Heart,
I Listen To My Song,
And Say My Prayer To God,
Please, Don’t Make This Day Too Long.

In Loving Memory Of My Father 25.10.1935 – 25.02.1992

Song: My Father’s Eye’s by Eric Clapton

Written by Belinda Conniss 2016  –  My Father’s Eye’s


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