Gemma Collins Collection

Gemma Collins Collection

Photo Credit: Gemma Collins Collection


I’m feeling quite excited about the Gemma Collins Range, the fact that I’m a curvy woman makes it all the more exciting.

I love the fact that Gemma model’s her cloths, and she definitely has a good head when it comes to business.

The PRICES, Wow I hadn’t realised how good they were until I viewed the website.

I’m thinking a little visit to Brentwood is on the cards, so watch out Gemma I’m planning a trip down very soon.

Gemma is most definitely an inspiration to plus size woman and good on her, she knows exactly what they are looking for, and coordinates everything so well.

She has an eye for fashion and how it should look that’s for sure. I’ve read some pretty unflattering comments about Gemma and her range.

I have to say, ‘What’s going on?’ Why are people being so nasty. I take my hat off to her and anyone who has the sense to turn an idea into a business and a very good one at that.

Not only are there many people out there who are not as fortunate as some to be able to afford beautiful, stylish cloths, there are many woman who have that fuller figure and would be very grateful and happy to wear the Gemma Collins Collection.

The fact that she model’s them herself too is an added bonus because woman are seeing just how to coordinate the cloths.

So I say well done Gemma, and all you ladies out there fire away click the link below to visit the website you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Click Here To Visit

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