#Ancestors of #Campbeltown

My great great grandfather

There is something quite warm and endearing about old photographs of Ancestors when doing the family tree.

The stories that you hear through the years, when growing up are quite something. Some sad, and some not so.

My great great grandfather here is on my mother’s side of the family, He lived in Campbeltown, Scotland. A farmer to trade who lived in what I would have called back then. ‘The Big House’

There are still some family in Campbeltown, other’s moved to Australia & Canada back in the 1800s some came back home and a some are buried there.

Reading there Wills was a little of an eye opener, and very interesting reading.

I’m on my travels to Campbeltown to do a little search on my Ancestors and try to get a feel of what it was like for them back then.

Sadly back in the 1800s and earlier years of the 1900s seen very many children die at such a young age of disease and or simple ailments that can be treated today.

Other family on my mother’s side originate from Ireland, as do on my Father’s side.

Ireland is definitely one of the places I would like to live, Letterkenny in Donegal being the place that really warms my heart.

After my second visit to Letterkenny I had fallen in love with it,  I was in awe with the warmth of the Irish, and struck by the sheer beauty that surrounds the countryside.

There will be plenty to see and talk about on my return from Campbeltown and much more on the way there, and back.

‘Proud to have Irish blood running through my veins’

Belinda Conniss

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