British Soap Awards 2016

Brittish Soap Awards British Soap Awards 2016

So what did you think? Of this year’s ‘British Soap Awards’ As usual I had a few tears as I do almost every year.

I take my hat off to all who work on our screen’s whether it be in soap, or film everyone is a deserving winner for their hard work and dedication.

Three of my favourites this year has to be Lacey Turner (Stacey in Eastenders) For her amazing performance of a mother having ‘Postpartum Psychosis’ (or puerperal psychosis) Which affects thousands of women in the UK each year.

It is a severe episode of mental illness which begins suddenly in the days or weeks after having a baby. Symptoms vary and can change rapidly. They can include high mood (mania), depression, confusion, hallucinations and delusions. Postpartum psychosis is a psychiatric emergency.

My second is Danny Miller (Aaron in Emmerdale) For his amazing performance of a son who kept secret for many years that is father had sexually abused him. Thankfully Danny had a team of amazing people behind him, to make sure he got it right, because this is the sad reality for many who have either been there or are there.

It’s a subject that not only has to be taken seriously but has to show that it has and does happen to people and it’s okay to talk about it because there is help out there.

My third is Steve McFadden (Phil in Eastenders) What a great actor, his ability to portray an Alcoholic and the affect’s not only on him but the people around him was spot on.

Again a subject that does affect so many, and by highlighting it the way he does, will touch the hearts of those who have similar problems. Which in turn will help not all but some to seek the help they need.

All the above storylines and many other’s will have an effect on those with the same and or similar problems, although our soaps are not real life, the storylines will touch on subjects that are happening in everyday life.

So Who Wore It Best?

Wow! There was so many I always think everyone looks amazing on the night, but I will always have a few favourites in the fashion stakes.

First I have to compliment Phillip Schofield I mean, he is a very smart man anyway but his suit was sharp, always immaculate and looking fab. Great presenter and host.

For me the one to really stand out has to be Lacey Turner She looked stunning in her yellow dress, giving her that fresh summer look, she complimented the dress with a beige coloured healed shoes, and with the colour of her hair and glowing skin tone she was definitely my favourite. 10/10 Lacey.


Coronation Street
Emmerdale (Winner)


Connor McIntyre – Coronation Street (Winner)
Adam Astill – Doctors
Ellen Thomas – EastEnders
Ryan Hawley – Emmerdale
Sophie Austin – Hollyoaks


Live Episode – Coronation Street
The Heart of England (3000th Episode) – Doctors (Winner)
Shabnam’s Stillbirth – EastEnders
Aftermath of Village Hall explosion – Emmerdale
Patrick Blake’s right to die decision – Hollyoaks


Jack P Shepherd – Coronation Street
Charlie Clapham – Hollyoaks
Danny Dyer – EastEnders
Danny Miller – Emmerdale (Winner)
Kieron Richardson – Hollyoaks


Jack P Shepherd – Coronation Street
Adrian Lewis Morgan – Doctors
Steve McFadden – EastEnders
Danny Miller – Emmerdale (Winner)
Jeremy Sheffield – Hollyoaks


Alison King – Coronation Street
Lacey Turner – EastEnders (Winner)
Rakhee Thakrar – EastEnders
Lucy Pargeter – Emmerdale
Jennifer Metcalfe – Hollyoaks


Tina O’Brien – Coronation Street
Sarah Moyle – Doctors
Lacey Turner – EastEnders (Winner)
Charlotte Bellamy – Emmerdale
Zoe Lucker – Hollyoaks


Patti Clare – Coronation Street (Winner)
Sarah Moyle – Doctors
Tameka Empson – EastEnders
Matthew Wolfenden – Emmerdale
Ross Adams – Hollyoaks


Elle Mulvaney – Coronation Street
Grace – EastEnders
Amelia Flanagan – Emmerdale
Ruby O’Donnell – Hollyoaks (Winner)


Callum’s Death – Coronation Street
Valerie leaves Barry at the altar – Doctors
Mick and Linda Finally Get Married – EastEnders
Val’s death – Emmerdale (Winner)
Nico kills Patrick – Hollyoaks


Sally Dynevor & Joe Duttine – Coronation Street (Winner)
Dido Miles & Ian Kelsey – Doctors
Danny Dyer & Kellie Bright – EastEnders
Danny Miller & Ryan Hawley – Emmerdale
Ashley Taylor Dawson & Jessica Fox – Hollyoaks


Shayne Ward – Coronation Street
Bharti Patel – Doctors
Bonnie Langford – EastEnders (Winner)
Isobel Steele – Emmerdale
Duayne Boachie – Hollyoaks


Callum’s Reign of Terror & Sarah’s Baby – Coronation Street
Treehouse – Doctors
Stacey’s Postpartum Psychosis – EastEnders (Winner)
Aaron’s abuse – Emmerdale
The McQueen’s Cycle of Abuse – Hollyoaks

Presented by Adam Woodyatt – ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (On-Screen)

Steve McFadden – Eastenders

Presented by Charlie Lawson – TONY WARREN AWARD (Off-Screen)

James Bain – Former Coronation Street/ Emmerdale Casting Director

I would like to congratulate everyone including those who won an award, I would also like to thank the ‘British Soap Awards’ for keeping us entertained every year for the last eighteen years.

And especially for honouring Actors, Actress’s Writers & Directors both past and present for their hard work and dedication to British Television.

insideoutlastyle  💖










So much work goes into such a wonderful event,

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