Two Of The Best Two Of The Best

Photo Credit: | Calum Best Twitter

Today as we mark what would have been George Best’s 70th Birthday (22 May 1946 – 25 November 2005) I’ve taken a look back at some amazing photo shoots of ‘Bestie’

Not only one of the greatest dribblers of all time, his playing style combined pace, skill, balance, two-footedness, goalscoring and the ability to beat defenders.

But like his son Calum Best he wore it well, this being his sense of dress and style.

Both equally handsome men in looks and style, George carried it off in the best of taste, he may be gone but he certainly isn’t forgotten.

His legacy will go on and on, and every time we look at Calum we see his dad too, who may I add would have been so proud of his boy.

Calum has made it big in his own right, a hard-working man who has given it his all to be where he is today. He deserves to be respected not just because of who his father was but his endless work not only in media but behind the scenes and in business too.

Calum the face of Burton Menswear: And yep! He does them proud with his smart look both in casual and business suits.

Calum is a gentleman, I remember when I first met him I didn’t expect him to be so soft-spoken or kind, due to what I had read in the press beforehand  ‘And boy did they get it wrong’ Back then.

I picked this particular photo of George which I have added alongside Calum, it’s one of the many photo I love of George.

So take a moment to remember an amazing footballer who was known simply as ‘A Genius’

G. Best (Always My Favourite Photo)

George Best (22 May 1946 – 25 November 2005)

💖 R.I.P George 💖x

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