Is Your Swing On Par?

The Body Power Swing

“After teaching golf at the highest level for the last 14 years, instructing the teaching pro’s of tomorrow, A lot of the aspects of the system mirror the techniques I would teach many different standards of players and any method that works on balance and stability in the golf swing is to be applauded.”

The author has fine-tuned his technique in his new book, THE BODY POWER GOLF SWING.
The concept of making radical improvement to the golf swing has been the author’s life’s work, the introduction of these techniques received much favourable comment from sports professionals on the benefit his unique approach has brought to this key element of the game.

In this latest book, additional text and photography has been added to make it simpler to pick up and follow the new golf swing technique required to create The body Power Golf Swing.

Click Here To View “The Body Power Swing”

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