The Joy of Mincing/The Bolds #JulianClary

The Joy of Mincing’


The Bolds’

My night with Julian Clary…

National Trinket, Author, TV and Radio Star live at “Kings Theatre Glasgow”
The Joy of Mincing a celebration of many years as a camp comedian.  There is so much to say I don’t know were to begin.

Julian has to be among the funniest comedians I’ve come across,  and I have to say he so rightly deserves many an award for his contribution not only to television and radio but for his talent as a children’s author too.

I laughed from the moment he walked on stage until the show finished, he is such a charmer.

I have followed Julian for many years I think the first time I was aware of him was from “The Joan Collins Fan club”  Right from that first show I loved him.

In fact I used to say to my friends it was a shame he was Gay  Yep!  you’ve guessed it he was my secret crush

Many have said they think he is too filthy, but I defend him all the way, people really need to go to one of his shows to see that he doesn’t have the kind of vulgarity they think he has,  Julian is very intelligent he uses words whereby we know exactly what he is talking about and yes it is extremely funny – We Can laugh.

There is absolutely no Harsh” vulgarity in his tone let alone his jokes,  I have most definitely heard a lot worse.

I love that soft tone Julian has when he speaks, which brings me onto his books. “The Bolds & The Bolds to the Rescue”  with his 3rd Bolds on the way,  If I were a child I would so love him to read those books to me.  In fact I have actually just purchased them for myself,  adults can read them too,  right!

I have to finish with my view on Julian’s sexual reference about “Norman Lamont”

(Warning not for the easily offended)

Yes I’m laughing my A** off as I watch it again & again.

The result of which caused ‘public outrage’ My view to those who were offended “Get a Life” If we cannot take a joke in good humour (Which it was) Then no wonder there are so many Unfunny Snooty Nosed individuals walking around today.

On stage Julian will proudly wear his well-deserved M.B.E (Mincer of the British Empire) and if your lucky enough he will present you with your very own.

Click the Links below for Julian’s tour dates & to buy a copy of his books “The Bolds”

Click Link to purchase your copy

Come and witness a masterclass in camp comedy. I can personally recommend and assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

A personal note from Me:

See you again soon Julian  (My Curly Hair is definitely Au Natural)


Belinda  😘

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