#Filming & #Photography Short #documentary

Photo Credit: ‘Clip Art Image from Google’

For many year’s I have had the notion to write about my experiences and thought’s while traveling to various countries and until now I was never in a position to do so.

Being a lover of the traditional way of life, and sometimes having too much to say about some of the tragedies that we experience in the world today, an opportunity has come for me and I have decided to up the game sort of speak.

(I will be filming a short documentary, the location has to remain secret as does the name of the individual concerned) However I can tell you that it is  ‘Factual’

As well as the short documentary above, between now and 2019 I will be traveling overseas and will be putting together a serious of video footage with reference to travel, accomodation, food and more.

There will akso be a series of Photographic images that will include a short paragraph relating to the images taken.

I’m really looking forward to this challenge and assuming all goes well, I plan to do more filming.

We start shooting the first short documentary early in 2018, I will keep everyone in the loop and up to date.












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