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For many year’s I have had the notion to write about my experiences and thought’s while traveling to various countries and until now I was never in a position to do so.

Being a lover of the traditional way of life, and sometimes having too much to say about some of the tragedies that we experience in the world today, an opportunity has come for me and I have decided to up the game sort of speak.

I will be filming a short documentary in August 2017 which will be available to view After the new year, at this moment I am keeping the location secret, however I can tell you that it is oversea’s and it is “Factual event’s from past and present”

There will be a series of Photographic images that will include a short paragraph relating to the images taken.

I’m really looking forward to this challenge and assuming all goes well, I plan to do more filming in Summer 2018, beginning with “The Beauty Of Scotland” My own root’s.

I will keep everyone in the loop of the date’s etc, but in the meantime if you would like to ask me a question or have any suggestion’s on what you would like to see or hear more of in this crazy world we live in then feel free to drop me a message.













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