Sean Ross Abbey and Bessboro Commemorations 2016


“May They Forever Rest In Eternal Peace”  🙏💖

The Story

The third annual Sean Ross Abbey and Bessboro mother-baby home commemorative services will be held on the grounds of the former homes (Roscrea Tipperary and Blackrock, Cork) on Sunday, 26 June (Roscrea) and Sunday, 3 July (Cork), both beginning at 2 p.m. The purpose of these dignified services is to honour mothers and children who died while in the care of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, and who are buried on the property. The events are supported by Adoption Rights Alliance and The Philomena Project.
Events will include an opening address, readings from now adult children born at the mother and baby homes, musical performances, and the laying of flowers and flags representing US states to which many children born at Sean Ross Abbey and Bessboro were adopted.

Although costs for both events are minimal, insurance coverage is required for Sean Ross Abbey. This year, an “information day” will also be held on Saturday, 25 June at the Racket Hall Hotel ballroom in Roscrea for adopted people and their families, as well as light refreshments at Racket Hall Hotel following the Sean Ross Abbey event on Sunday. If you can help defray these minimal costs and support these events for this year and in future, we greatly appreciate your help. All proceeds will be receipted and accounted for, and any holdover funds will be announced and kept for next year’s commemorations.

Funds collected are managed and accounted for by the Sean Ross and Bessboro organising committees and are not affiliated with Adoption Rights Alliance or The Philomena Project. Please note that if you donate from outside the US, you may be contacted by your financial institution asking you to verify your donation.

Link For Donations Below:  (Even A Few Pounds/Dollars Will Make A Difference)

Should you wish to send flowers please visit the following Link:




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