World Buffet


World Buffet Renfrew St Glasgow.

Another recommendation of places to eat. myself and my daughter’s had an amazing night out in Glasgow on Saturday 19th Dec 2015.

Off to see “It’s A Belter of a Cinderella Story” at Webster’s Theatre, we had arrived in the town at 4.00pm and of course needed to eat before the show starting at 7.30pm

We asked some local’s where the best place was to eat and they told us to go to World Buffet in Renfield Street.

Being that I was born in Glasgow but left at the age of nine I didn’t have a clue when it came to finding my way around, so off we went looking for World buffet.

After a short time walking and it being cold we decided to just go into Tony Macaroni’s since we came across it on our way.

However it was full and was table booking only so we carried on until we eventually found World Buffet.

We did have to wait as it was packed full but that told me if it’s packed full it must be good. After the short wait we had our table. The food was lovely a wide selection to choose from and still more people arrived waiting for table’s.

The staff were very attentive and our plates were renewed each time we went back for food.  I asked if they had WiFi and they said no,  which would normally be disappointing to me as I always write and post onto my Blog and Twitter.

In all honesty it was a good thing because myself and my girls sat and chatted away like we should do when out as a family for a meal or any other occasion.

I would most certainly recommend World buffet,  very popular,  great food and the prices were very affordable.

Thank you World Buffet from


Address & Telephone Number 

World Buffet

90 Renfield Street


G2 1NH

Tel: 0141 332 8432


Bon appetite







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