George Best (May 22, 1946–25 November 2005)

Today marks the tenth anniversary of George Best (Bestie) death. George from Belfast is regarded by many as the one of the greatest footballers of all time.

At age 15, he was discovered in Belfast by Manchester United scout Bob Bishop, whose telegram to United manager Matt Busby read: “I have found a genius”

(And a genius he was)

Football League Championship winners medal, 1965 & 1967.
UEFA European Cup winners medal, 1968.
European Footballer of the Year, 1968.
Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year, 1968.
Holds the record for the most goals by a Manchester United player in a single match, six against Northampton Town F.C., FA Cup fifth round on. February 8 1970. United won the match 8-2.
Freeman of Castlereagh Borough Council, 2002.
Inaugural Inductee into the English Football Hall of Fame, 2002.
Honorary Doctorate from the Queen’s University of Belfast, 2001.
Professional Footballers Association Special Merit Award, for his services to football, 2006.

I had the honour of meeting George’s Dad Richard (Dicky) Best, back in 2006 (God Rest Him) and what an absolute gentleman he was. I also had the pleasure of meeting Calum Best (A Gentleman whom George would be so proud of)  I only wish that I could have met George too.

So today I remember George for his amazing contribution to Football.

Calum I will be thinking of you today keep strong. 

Belinda x



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