San Francisco Tour Bus


The Big Bus – San Francisco Tours

If you visit San Francisco then this is a MUST.  The Big Red Bus Tours very highly recommend.

San Francisco is a very big city and a beautiful one at that.  Don’t even think about hiring a Car,  as the fee’s for parking assuming you can find somewhere to park are huge.

I took the Big Red Tour Bus,  which covered pretty much all of the city.  The host a man called Douglas was a great Tour Guild,  with a vast knowledge of the city and very funny too.

The best way to see the city night & day is to purchase the Deluxe Package which will cost you around $55.00 per adult & $35.00 per child the package includes a night tour which is AMAZING,  because everything is lit up assuming you are there in October rather than summer.

You will be taken over the Bay Bridge and the views of the Skyline from the other side when the lights are on including the Bridge is a MUST SEE.

Then you have the Day Tour whereby you not only go around the city and hear all the History of the Rich and Famous,  you also travel across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Stunning views are to be seen here too.

If you haven’t done it…Do it…You definitely won’t be disappointed. 



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