I Am Cait

I Am Cait

(My Favourite photo of Caitlyn)

So Where Do I Start.

I watched the first Episode of  “I Am Cait” I cried. Caitlyn Jenner You are a Gem of a Woman and such an Inspiration.  Your story was every bit as beautiful as you.

I have to say what you done in visiting Kyler’s Family in San Diego was a wonderful thing to do,  not only did you take the time to listen to his mum’s story but to go with her and meet his friends and take part in the setting off,  of the Balloon’s was simply Amazing.

Another thing,  “I want to raid your closet some of those cloths are great and you look great in everything you wear”

Your show is one to be proud of,  you took the step of going public and that took courage. You took the step of helping others overcome their fears and you are continuing to be spokesperson for those who are and will be for a long time afraid to stand up and be counted.

Even my daughter’s cried when they watched that First Episode. I am one of the lucky one’s myself and my husband brought our children up to respect people no matter their Colour, Faith or who they are.

I feel personally that it’s hard for some to accept Transgender, not because they just don’t want too but for the fear of the unknown.  Education is important and that should include educating not only the younger generation but people as a whole.

Teaching our children from as young as they are able to understand about Colour, Faith and acceptance of people’s Gender.

I will be following your episodes of “I Am Cait” and wish you every success in the hope it will continue to run for many episodes and who know’s maybe in the future you will come to the UK to talk to Transgender here and help them too.

Caitlyn Jenner You Are Loved


All The best


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