It Don’t Matter If Your Black or White


I have just heard and seen the most disturbing news on ITV Uk News and right now I actually feel sick to the stomach.

Now we all know that Racism still exists and in many States in America there is still segregation going on.

Apparently the KKK or Trash as I prefer to call them,  have just had some new recruits, what they plan to do turns my stomach,  they talk of Obama and other individuals who are of either mixed race or black.

Something needs to be done to rid the world of this type of Trash and that includes those who fight against Religion and so forth.

They burned the Flag of the United Nations just to try to prove they mean what they say and plan to carry out their EVIL.  As far as I’m concerned it don’t matter what other people look like or what their beliefs are. We ARE and always will be ONE.

We need as a nation to educate each other and the younger generation on what is right and what is wrong. If parents and or others continue to ridicule those who are different in any way shape or form then Trash like the KKK will continue to thrive. “Just Saying”




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