Fox Hunting

Fox Hunting

So they want to bring back Fox Hunting! Well, I’m going to tell you all something about Fox Hunting that I think may just have some people change their minds.

Many years ago I lived in a Village right next to a Farm,  beautiful Countryside and I loved it.  The one thing I didn’t love was the fact that my then husband and others liked to go out with the Hounds – Fox Hunting.

Now I have to tell you if you live near or in a Farm you will know only too well what goes on in regards to Fox Hunting. A VERY CRUEL AND SAD ACT.

I remember the first time I ever seen and heard this so-called sport I was physically sick, not only the noise that came from the Hounds but the sad horrible noise that came from the Fox and the fact that the people who took those Dogs out to do the deed cheered like they had won some big Trophy.

Those people tell you its to cut down the amount of Live Stock that are being killed by the Fox.  Well, so not always the case.

It’s a sad sick act,  those who take part in it it’s a sad kick for their otherwise boring lives.





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