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If I had a Dollar for every time I have had to say this I would be worth a small fortune.  There has never been a Quote that has got it spot on like this.

Family are important to me and having that special bond is too,  sadly though it’s not always the case and I find it heartbreaking that a lot of individuals including myself have some members of family who never bother you until they want something but the saddest thing of all is the fact that they talk bad of you.

How many people like myself will drop everything for those in need that includes family & friends. Who will give their last and do without if others have nothing?  I do!

Cherish the things that you have,  Love & Care for those that are in your life,  listen to the needs of others but most of all be thankful that they are even there in the first place,  if people don’t have anything nice to say they should keep QUIET.  Life is short don’t waste it on being Bad, Nasty and Disrespectful.

When your down on your luck you may just need those you disrespected.  Don’t judge those with a Twig in their eye,  when you have a LOG in your own…


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