If The Ocean Could Talk!


Photo Credit: nemiga.com

Most people who know me,  know that I don’t like deep water and never will I won’t ever go on another Cruise that’s for sure.  However I will say that when I did Cruise to Mexico a couple of years ago as much as I loved the Glamour of it all I wouldn’t do it again,  I prayed the whole week on that Cruise that I would be back on dry land as fast as that week could go.

It’s a funny thing though because I love to watch Giant Waves on-screen and I love Movies with anything to do with giant waves and even better if it’s in 3D.  Yet I take panic attacks if water was splashed on my face in a swimming pool,  how crazy is that?

I remember being in Egypt a number of years ago,  I had a go at Snorkelling OMG,  when I looked under that water I was out of there as fast as I could blink talk about panic attack, NEVER AGAIN…

I have however always thought to myself if the Ocean could talk there would be many a story to tell,  the people who have lost their lives to the Sea and in so many circumstances.

The one that scares me the most and tugs at my heartstrings are those who had been taken from their land during the Slave Trade,  just how many Men, Woman & Children had lost their lives by being thrown overboard Dead or Alive.  Then the Tragedy of the ships & boats that have gone down, etc.

So many a sad tale,  such a sad way to go.  I often think of those people more so if I watch a Documentary or Movie that tells the story of such tragedy such as the Titanic.




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