Family #Heritage


Photo Credit: Dot Complicated

Family Heritaage

“If you don’t know where you came from – How are you supposed to know where you’re going”

I heard this Quote a few years ago, it was very fitting in relation to what had been happening in my own life at that time.

I’m fascinated by the Family Tree which is something I have been working on for a number of years now and have gone back to the early 1700s on both sides of my family.  I can’t get enough of it,  in fact I would happily to do other people’s family tree’s.

I have to say though to anyone thinking of doing theirs, especially if there are skeletons in their closet,  I would think long and hard before taking on such a task because very often there are things some of us would rather not know and yes,  it can be heartbreaking at times as I’ve come to find out.




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