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What!!! 197 Day’s


It’s Just Around The Corner

It sounds like a lot when you say One Hundred & Ninety-Seven Day’s or Twenty-Eight Weeks but when you say Six Months & Four Days It’s really just around the corner.

I don’t know about anyone else but as much as I love Christmas and family time I really do dislike the shopping part,  so the last couple of years I have done most of it online,  and a little at the shops.

I do mine in Jan – July and the last of it between Nov & Dec I wrap it in July and the last part early Dec then I have all the Cards written ready to post a week prior to Christmas unless they are going oversea’s,  Done and Dusted.

Then I sit back and wait for the big day and just chill my hubby does all the Christmas Dinner which I have to say is simply AMAZING and on Boxing Day he does the whole thing again when we have our oldest daughter,  don in law & grandchildren.

I love decorating the Table.  As I’m getting a little older I have less decoration around the house but enough to have it all warm and cosy.  The Tree is just under Seven foot tall and I make sure that it’s decorated beautifully.

As time gets closer I start to get really excited it’s the one day where we all just chill we have such a loving family bond going on.  “God willing long may it last”


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