It’s How You Display It

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I was at my local shopping centre yesterday and spotted this display in our outlet, for me it’s all about the display, if it’s all a mishmash I won’t even bother to go looking in the store. This caught my eye straight away so I just had to go in and take a look. I have seen more elegant displays but this was not bad.

I have to say though my favourite displays at this time of year are the wedding one’s being that I arrange flowers for people at anytime of year, a lot of my idea’s come from displays and magazines although I do add my own special touch and I always try to do it with a certain twist to make it different and make it my own creation.

If you have a good eye for detail then arranging a display for whatever the occasion should be a piece of cake, but it’s not just a good eye you need. You have to be on the ball when it comes to this sort of thing you need to have imagination and almost all you need to think outside the box, if you want people to take an interest think about what people are looking for, why they would want it and what you can do to ensure they will see it not just at the corner of their eye but full on.

Think about the colours, it’s usually the first thing people see before stopping to take in the accessories and then think about how and where this would look good in their own home, or if its fashion they start to imagine themselves wearing it and then they think of upcoming events.

The way you display it and how also has the individual realising they can wear this more than once, but you need to make sure you introduce different accessories to show it can be worn at other times. In the case of home displays yes mix and match but make sure that not only the colours but the items compliment each other and think of the rooms that will house it.

Your display has an impact not only on the people buying it but on the store too so make it the best of the best.


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