#Unscripted My Ten Years On Telly #AlanSugar


Photo Credit: Lord_Sugar Via Twitter

Everyone who knows me is aware that I have a passion for anything Business related and I like to keep up to speed with the likes of Duncan BannatynePeter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Kelly Hoppen, Theo Paphitis, & Hilary Devey but to name a few from Dragons Den.

My favourite though has to be “The Apprentice” Sir Alan Sugar. For me he is Top Notch of the Business World. With Mr Sugar “A Spade is a Spade” What you see is what you get  (Which happens to be the title of one of his other Books)

That’s one of the other things I admire about him,  you either want it or you don’t and if you want it you’ll work damn hard to get it.

There is no messing in the world of Business with Mr Sugar and there certainly ain’t no lies either he is a hard act to follow,  a hard Man,  but a fair Man when it comes to Business,  he is a well-respected Man and there is no way he would allow anyone to tarnish that reputation.

So anyone who enters “The Apprentice”  best be sure they know what they are doing,  what they want out of it & be sure to work your BUTT off to get it.  Most of all know what you’re talking about.

I’m looking forward to “Unscripted My Ten Years On Telly”  I would say to anyone looking to go into Business read the works of the likes of Sir Alan Sugar his Inspiration is what will Inspire you to go forth.

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