Things About Me:-

Done anything you regret : No
Passive or aggressive : Passive
Morning or Evening : Evening
Summer or Winter : Summer
Ever won a sports medal : No
Ever been out of your country : Yes Many Times
Your dream vacation : Sicily
Best gift you have received : My Children
Favorite Actor : Christopher Walken & Brian Dennhey
Favorite Actress : Bette Davis & Meryl Streep
Best compliment someone gave you : They say I have Beautiful Eye’s
Do you hate anyone : No Never
Hip-hop or Rock : Hip Hop
Favorite perfume : Gussi Rush – Issey M – Swarovski Crystals
Ever been fined by a traffic cop : Yes
Country you’d most like to visit : Italy
Ever been to a drive-in-movie : No
Ever lied to teachers in school : Yes
Craziest thing you’ve ever done : Cant think of Anything
Your craziest dream in life : Giant Waves
Ever dyed your hair : Yes
City you live in : Edinburgh
Favorite day of the week : Friday
Favorite childhood memory : Meeting Cilla Black
Do you swear a lot : Only when I’m P….. off
Ever puked at a party : Only Once
Ever danced all night long : Yes I love to dance
Have a crush on anyone : Yes
Your best buddy these days : My Hubby
Are you a health freak : No
Vehicle you drive : Nissan Qashqai 
Single or Committed : Married
Favorite band : Fleetwood Mac
Favorite sports team : Celtic
Favorite drink : Cuppa T
Favorite getaway : Wales California
Favorite pastime : Reading-Blogging
Favorite reality show : Real Housewives
Best thing to ever happen to you : Having my Children
Favorite clothes : Jeans
Your hair color : Carmel/Blonde
Pepsi or Coke : Coke
Do you kiss on the first date : Yes
Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate
Favorite restaurant : Flaming Hot Grill
Favorite movies : Roots Queen
Love or money : Love
Blondes or Brunettes : Dark
Your ambition : Take my Business oversea’s
Ever bungee jumped : No
Ever swam in the ocean : Yes
Ever been in love : Yes
Ever broken someones heart : Never
Had your heart-broken : Oh Yes
Broke a bone : No
Favorite TV show character : Jack Reed
Cats or Dogs : Dog ( If I had to have one )
Pizza or Burger : Neither
Your first celebrity crush : Christopher Walken & Brian Dennhey
Ever lied to your parents : Yes
Worst fear : God & Losing my Children
Your weakness : Hurting for other people (I feel their Pain)
Any tattoos : Yes
Favorite subject in school : Geography – Maths
Kisses or hugs : Both
Height : 5ft 5in
Weight : Not Telling
Birthday : Oct
Place you were born in : Glasgow




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