Midori Liqueur

Midori is a sweet, bright-green-coloured, muskmelon flavoured liqueur made by Suntory.

It is manufactured in Japan, Mexico, and France, although it was made exclusively in Japan until 1987. Midori is usually 20–21% alcohol by volume. Its name is the Japanese word for “green”. French-made Midori is sweeter than the original Japanese version.

As it is extremely sweet,  Midori is not usually taken “straight”; it is generally used in a mixed drink (e.g.  a cocktail), such as a Japanese slipper.

It is usually used in a range of long drinks – with lemonade, fresh lemon juice, lime juice, pineapple juice, or orange juice. Sour flavours are often combined with it to balance its sweetness.

My absolute favourite on a night out, but only a few glasses as believe it or not my legs go like Jelly after two. “I know I’m a lightweight”  I usually have mine with Lemonade or Babysham. (Babysham being the nicer of the Two).




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