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I’m a big believer in dominating values in business relationships.  If you treat people well, they will treat you the same.

Your Integrity means you’re relating to people in a way that is Authentic, True & Honest Directness which goes a long way,  Don’t beat about the bush get to the point but also give respect to the client/colleague moreover don’t push them to the point they talk bad about you to prospective clients/colleagues.

Be honest “All of the time”  Your clients/colleagues will respect you and trust you when you show that your honest,  being dishonest and found out not only loses you your client/colleague but discredits your name and MUD sticks.

Be passionate about what you do,  if you’re not showing that you believe in your product/service then how are you meant to create a client base who believe in you.  Or a workforce who are happy in what they do for you.

Iv always believed it is the people who are at the heart of a great company, without their continued support where would that company be?  I also believe that regular meetings and training are worth their weight in gold.

Hold meeting so that staff can air their views and you’ll be surprised at the ideas that some may come up with that will help your business.  I don’t think that people are given enough credit for the things they do or the ideas they have.

Make way for continued training sessions they help grow your business and where possible send colleagues on training courses remember everyone starts at the bottom of the ladder but most don’t want to stay there,  they want to work their way up which is very beneficial to your business.



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