On The Beach


Don’t just think about it Do It…

So if your anything like me you’ll be thinking plenty about getting in shape,  more so if you’re getting to that age where everything is starting to fall apart.

We all go on Holiday and think  “Right this time I’m going to lose a few pounds and look good” Right?

I don’t know about anybody else,  I find it hard to fit in a fitness regime when I have teenage daughters and a house to clean.  The best way to do it is ON THE BEACH.

The Sun brings out the best in everyone it’s that feel good factor,  so we should get down on the beach and get stuck in.

Not only will we get the exercise needed to stay in shape but we will have a lovely Bronze Tan to go with that well toned body and one other factor is that we eat less in the sun because of the heat so that’s an added bonus.  Get involved in the local Water Aerobics too.

However don’t forget to drink lots of WATER and keep hydrated.




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