Missing Wales

Photo Credit: flickr.com

For almost twelve years I lived in Wales and for all the countries I have visited and some I have lived,  North Wales will always be the closest to my heart.

I’m fortunate enough I still manage to visit friends a couple of times a year and although there are some countries I have said I would gladly lay my hat they don’t come close to Wales.

Wales will always come first if I had the choice of where to spend the rest of my days.  The photo above is of Llangollen a small but Vibrant Town with so much to see and do.

Every year they hold the International Musical Eisteddfod’ & although I haven’t yet been to it I know that it is something quite special.

Perhaps one year I will be there for it.  In all the years I lived there I should have gone but its like Scotland,  I lived there for years before moving to Wales yet didn’t visit many of the Historical places that are out there.

As well as the Eisteddfod you have the Horse Shoe Pass, scary to drive up there but once there the views are AMAZING.

With many Shops,  Restaurants & Bars your never stuck for somewhere to chill and then there is the Canal Boat Trips.  These can also be hired for holidays another one of my things to do.



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